Imperial College London PhD Scholarship for 2024

The Imperial College London President’s PhD Scholarship is now available for study in London, United Kingdom. This article will provide a full summary of the scholarship, including its perks and the tough application process.

With the President’s PhD Scholarships, students can collaborate with other President’s PhD Scholars on a research project of their choice, guided by an excellent supervisor. The College is frequently recognized among the top ten universities in the world, owing mostly to the knowledge of its professors and international student population, as well as the support of a large global network of friends, partners, and graduates. Individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds join Imperial’s worldwide academic community to share their unique perspectives, creative ideas, and inventive approaches to complex challenges.

Imperial is one of the UK’s institutions with the greatest proportion of overseas students. Sixty percent of Imperial’s students are European, while twenty percent are foreign. Academic collaborators from over 130 nations make up two-thirds of Imperial’s research programs.

Scholarship Summary 

  • Study in the UK.
  • Study Level: PhD Programs: All PhD programs are available.
  • Scholarships Available: 50.
  • Programme Duration: 3 and half years.

Scholarship Coverage

The recipients of this scholarship will benefit from the following:

  • An annual living expense allowance of £25,150 (2024-25 rate).
  • Full tuition payment.
  • The Graduate School provides a tailored program of events and activities.
  • A £2,000 annual consumables fund for the first three years of study.

You will also be able to take advantage of all of the resources that Imperial offers to postgraduate students, including the Graduate School’s professional skills course program and special assistance for international and impaired students.

The President’s PhD Scholarship due date at Imperial College London

  • If they are selected for a scholarship, individuals who apply by November 6, 2023, at 23:59 (UK time), will be notified by the end of January 2024.
  • If your application is selected for a scholarship and submitted before January 8, 2024, at 23:59 (UK time), you will receive a response by the end of March 2024.
  • Applicants will be notified by the end of May 2024 if their applications are selected for a scholarship by March 4, 2024, at 23:59 (UK time).

Requirements for the PhD Scholarship awarded by the President of Imperial College London

At Imperial College London, you must meet the following conditions to be eligible for the President’s PhD Scholarship:

  • Eligible Countries: Anywhere in the globe
  • Required language: English.
  • To be eligible, candidates must either have a notable stand-alone Master’s degree or be able to demonstrate extraordinary accomplishment in obtaining that degree.
  • Applicants must have, or be on track to obtain, an integrated master’s degree, an undergraduate degree with honours, or, if these requirements are not met, an accredited degree.
  • Even if they have only completed one undergraduate degree or an integrated Master’s degree, eligible candidates must have received a first-class or equivalent grade.
  • Candidates must have communicated with an academic department supervisor at Imperial College London who has agreed to oversee their research project.

Application for the President’s PhD Scholarship at Imperial College London

To be eligible for this award, please adhere to the following entrance guidelines:

1. Scholarships do not require a separate application. To be eligible to study at Imperial, you must apply online through our admissions system. Your department will recommend you for the award based on your academic performance and potential.

2. You should upload the following files:

Two pages long, your personal statement should include the following components:

i) A one-page personal statement describing why you are applying to Imperial and for the scholarship, as well as any additional documents you believe will boost your application but are not included elsewhere on the form.

ii) The second page must include the study proposal. If, after completing your application, your department shortlists you for the scholarship, you may resubmit amended copies of your statement. You are suggested to write in the first person.

  • A photocopy of your English language studies diploma.
  • Proof of Originality
  • When asked for the names of two academic referees, only provide references who can confirm your academic standing. Mentioning your intended PhD advisor is unacceptable. Send this advice to both of your referees, emphasising the need of avoiding gender pronouns in favour of the term “they/them.”
  • Transcript of your previous studies at university

3. To be considered for the President’s PhD Scholarship program, tick this box in the extra questions tab of the online application form, under the funding section.

Please visit the official website to learn more about the Imperial College London PhD Scholarship. 

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